Saturday, July 31, 2021
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It is important for every driver to know the basics of main car problems, just like it is required from him to know how to drive. Here are some basic things you need to learn by heart in order to be an okay driver:

Replacing bulbs on lights and direction indicators

The bulb replacement requires that you have a spare bulb and a few minutes of time.

The access to the light bulbs of the car’s design is designed to be easy. The method of replacing bulbs differs from car to car, but is generally very simple and requires very little time.

Fuse replacement on car electrical installations

Fuses on cars are the weakest parts of car electrical installations. Any power current exceeding the indicated fuse strength will cause fuse overheating. By combustion, the fuses protect the rest of the electrical installations and devices in that electric circuit.

Fuse replacement on car

The increase in current in the electric circuit above the limit can occur due to a short circuit in electrical installations or improper operation of one of the devices. It will happen that you have to replace one of the fuses and continue traveling without losing time.

Smoke from exhaust pipes

If your car is emitting blue smoke, it means that there is a problem with oil and that it’s burning. If you notice this problem, check the oil regularly. It is difficult to give a true diagnosis of a gray smoke. It is caused by similar failures as blue smoke, oil burning, and a bad turbocharger. So it is necessary to check the oil, but also the fuel consumption because usually, these defects make higher consumption. If you see white smoke, it can present a common condensation inside the exhaust system.

Smoke from exhaust pipes

However, a larger cloud of white smoke can pose a risk of damage to the cylinder head and crack the engine block walls, which requires expensive repairs. You should not ignore this problem. Black exhaust smoke means high fuel consumption. The first thing to check is the climate filters, suction sensors, fuel injectors and pressure regulator.


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