Friday, September 24, 2021
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Tesco Car Insurance – Fast Quotes and Cheap Prices!

We all know that the best way to reduce your motor insurance premium is to shop around, especially on the internet, as the prices tend to be cheaper – because no staffing is required to produce the quotes. The downside to this is that most online quote systems take forever. If you require a fast price then Tesco Insurance is hard to beat. The main aim at Tescos is to make arranging insurance as quick and easy as possible. They combine excellent levels of cover and service with very competitive rates. Tesco is able to quote for most cars and drivers, and they provide quotations for accidents, convictions, and additional drivers.

Car Insurance Australia

Here are the main two types of insurance coverage that might meet your needs. Read carefully and decide which one is best suited for you and your needs.

Car Insurance

There is a lot to take into account: your current financial ability, can you afford to be in an accident, do you have any backup plan, etc. Because here is the thing about car accidents – from all the drivers on the road, it only takes one to make a single mistake that will affect others.

Third Party Only

This is the lowest level of insurance and hence the cover is minimum. Basically, this means that if you have an accident the insurance will pay out any costs incurred by the third party involved eg repair their vehicle. The insurance does not cover any repairs to your vehicle. There is another option.

You could have your vehicle insured “Third Party, Fire, and Theft”, which is the same as the one explained before except now, the vehicle is covered in case it is stolen and not recovered within the timescale set out in the insurance documents or sets on fire.


This is the highest level of cover and as its name suggests, it is comprehensive. You, your car and usually your passengers are insured for almost every eventuality. Each year that you are insured but do not make a claim against the insurance company, you are awarded a larger discount. Usually up to 65%. Another way to decrease your premium is to opt for a larger excess. An excess is an amount that you agree to pay towards any repairs carried out against a claim. Some cars have minimum excesses, these are usually high-risk vehicles like sports or prestige models.


Think carefully because it is good to have a car and even its passengers insured. In times where car repairs can cost higher than a car value, it is good to have a backup plan.


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