Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Using a high-quality shampoo to give your car a weekly wash isn’t a bad idea if you want to revive the showroom look. However, there are so many products out there that allow you to much more.

In fact, if you are serious about maintaining your vehicle, then you’ll want to perform a deep clean from time to time. However, to do such a thing you need to have a variety of products such as wheel cleaners, glass cleaners, polishing compounds, and so on.

Luckily, Car Care Products Australia has a couple of suggestions for you, and all the products are designed to bring your car back to its original best.


Nowadays, the majority of cars come with allow wheels. However, it’s the rims that really make your car pop out. So, keeping them in excellent shape will make your car look polished and new. That’s where Hamber auto wheel cleaners come in.

This product doesn’t contain acid, nor alkaline and you can use it on any kind of wheel. If you apply gentle brush strokes, they will give the best results, especially on detailed or complex design.


Wax and wash is a typical cleaning method many people use. But, sometimes you need something stronger that will cover all those paint scratches. The Meguiar Ultimate Compound is one of the products that will do wonders on your car.

It will make all those scratches and blemishes disappear. This solution can be used on single stage and clear coat paintwork, and it’s also perfect for cleaning the tree sap and tar spots. In most cases, buffer swirls and less competent drive-up car wash places tend to leave damage on your car. But, with the help of Meguiar Ultimate Compound, your vehicle will shine again. 


Dirty exterior can be a real letdown if you just spend a lot of time buffing your wheels and paintwork. However, if you apply Dodo Juice, all your surfaces will be clean. You can only spray it on the surface and wipe it off.

However, this solution can be applied to glass and metal as well. You can buy a large container that has 500ml, while the supplementary 100ml spray is also available as part of the range. It’s a quick solution, and it will help you add a finishing touch.


Many people are obsessed with having a clean car and glass is part of that routine. Clean glass all around can really make a difference. You only need a cloth or a paper towel to return the glass to its original condition.

Chemical Guys Snow Foam Car Wash

The majority of people tend to wash their cars at home, while they use regular dish soap, which is the wrong thing to do. With the Chemical Guys’ car wash you will eliminate dirt and grime, while this pH-neutral formula is safe for all car surfaces.

This cleaning solution also has a foaming agent for maximum suds and fresh scent.