Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Volkswagen will invest $3.5 billion in a factory in Wolfsburg so it can be ready for the production of the Golf 8. A part of this money is dedicated to the development of a new design center.


Just a few weeks ago, VW announced that it plans to invest 653 million USD dollars in its facilities in Argentina, and now they announced they will be investing even more. A sum of around 3.5 billion USD dollars will be invested in a factory in Wolfsburg, Germany, in order to be ready to produce the eighth generation of the legendary Golf. A part of this money will be invested in the development of a new design center and new technologies in the field of design.

As already known, the entire production of all next-generation Golf models will take place in Wolfsburg. This was announced when VW presented its plan for the next decade. However, the company still did not reveal any details about this model, except that it will be presented during 2019. The GTI will be arriving sometime in 2020. The Golf is still at the top of the list as best-selling Wolfsburg’s model, and all the previous models were an absolute score for this company. But, the new Golf model is due to go through changes that will be extensive.

What can we expect?

The new generation of this model will have a mild hybrid drive and it will be lighter than its 175 pounds tuner, thanks to the restored MKB platform, and will use more space in the cabin and runner. It is said that even the latest version of the new Golf will have a fully digital instrument panel, and the 3D heads-up screen will be available as an option.


Also, GTI, GTE and R versions of this model will have more power and better quality materials for the interior. And finally, it is assumed that the name “Golf” will be positioned at the center of the rear of the car, on the reputation of the Arteon model.


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